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Roman Abramovich and his private jet

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Not everyone can afford a private jet! Indeed, owning a private jet means owning a large fortune. This is the case for many celebrities, singers, great sportsmen or world-famous businessmen. Roman Abramovich has bought himself a Dreamliner. We tell you all about Roman Abramovich and his new private jet. For his air travel, Abramovich chose to charter a customised airliner for his needs. This gives him a very long range, allowing him to fly to all the destinations he needs to reach.


Roman Abramovich’s private jet: A Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner


Roman Abramovich is a wealthy man, of just about everything this world has to offer. He owns several yachts and villas, including one in France, and also a fine collection of cars. He bought himself a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, at a cost of 231 million euros. However, the Russian billionaire customised it to his liking, raising the bill to over $320 million.


Features of Roman Abramovich’s private jet


Abramovich’s Dreamliner was built in 2015 for the Swiss private airline operator, Privateair, but was never handed over to him because, the private airline went bankrupt.


This luxury private jet exists in only 250 units, worldwide. Roman Abramovich is one of the lucky ones to own this plane. The Boeing can carry up to 50 passengers, 10 for security, 10 for staff and 30 for guests, has a surface area of 224.4 m2 and a range of 18,418 kilometres. The Dreamliner is considered one of the world’s most technologically advanced and fully loaded aircraft, with facilities such as a dining room large enough to accommodate an entire banquet and a cinema. And those who want to sleep can retreat to one of the private rooms that looks like it could fit a king-size bed. Also on board is a huge bathroom, with his and hers sinks, marble countertops and a large walk-in shower. This aircraft is well equipped to spend many hours without getting bored.


In addition, these private jets have less cabin pressure, thanks to technology that keeps the aircraft at a low cabin altitude throughout business flights. The advanced fresh air filtration system produces better air pressure and more humidity to prevent any dryness and fatigue that passengers may feel.


Roman Abramovich’s private jet in his own image


The Russian billionaire has upgraded his private jet with some personal touches. The first thing you notice on the body of the plane is the classic white, grey and brown lines, complemented by sloping black stripes on the cockpit windows giving the whole thing the appearance of a mask, hence the nickname « the bandit ». In addition, the aircraft boasts high-level engineering, including a ballistic missile defence system comparable to that of the US government.


The aircraft’s customised interior has not yet been revealed. All that is known is the luxurious interior of the aircraft described above.

What are the advantages for Roman Abramovich to have a private jet?


Roman Abramovich owned FC Chelsea, a major football club in England. Because of the war in Ukraine, the Russian billionaire was forced to sell the English club. Having made his fortune in Russian oil, Roman Abramovich has many other businesses, especially in England, where he spends most of his time. To get to all his businesses or to Russia, where he comes from, it is easier to travel by private jet. Moreover, businessmen like Roman Abramovich are in great demand. Sometimes it is necessary to travel to the other side of the world to meet business obligations.


However, in addition to the professional aspect, there is the personal life of the rich businessman. Roman Abramovich may take his private jet to visit his family in Russia, or he may simply go on holiday for a few days with his wife and seven children to all his villas around the world.


On the other hand, people with large fortunes like this are often in the media spotlight. It is therefore a real need for them to travel in complete privacy and security. With a business jet, this is the perfect solution. In addition, a business jet allows you to remain available and connected and thus to work and optimise your flight time to the maximum.


More about Roman Abramovich


Roman Arkadievich Abramovich is a Russian-Israeli-Portuguese businessman, oligarch, politician and multi-billionaire, former governor of the Chukotka Autonomous District in the Russian Far East from 2000 to 2008.


According to Forbes, his fortune is estimated to be over $15.4 billion in 2021, making him the 124th richest person in the world.


Roman Abramovich is best known for his purchase of FC Chelsea in 2003, which he had to sell in 2022 due to the war in Russia. He is very involved in football and has also spent several million euros in Portugal: 90.9 million euros with Benfica players and 74.2 million euros with FC Porto players.


The multi-billionaire also owns numerous companies in England, notably in oil and finance.